Binaural Beats Can Cure Insomnia? Yes or No?

Binaural Beats

In a previous article I talked a bit about how using Binaural Beats has helped me to cure my Insomnia.  I want to dig a little deeper into this and offer you a FREE way to test it out to see if it can help you.

Like most of you reading this blog, I suffered badly from Insomnia, often not getting any sleep at all at night.  I just wasn’t able to shut my brain off!  I used sleeping pills, and they helped sometimes, but as I studied the side effects, I realized that they could be worse than the insomnia itself.

In studying more about Insomnia, I realized that there were a whole lot more health problems associated with it, such as high blood pressure, weight gain and of course not being able to function at all normally during the day.

As I studied more and more about different natural solutions for insomnia I was motivated to create this blog in the hopes that what I learned might help others suffering as I was.

Because of the risk of addiction and the side effects of prescription medicines, I continue to seek out natural solutions.  Strangely enough one of the side effects of prescription sleep medicines is tiredness.  So in my seeking, I came across a holistic option that uses binaural beats.

Using Binaural Beats to cure Insomnia

So you may ask, what exactly are binaural beats?  Well the answer to this might be a tad bit technical, so bear with me, because it really all makes perfect sense. What binaural beats really do is to alter the brain state.  They can either increase or decrease brainwave activity, depending on what we want to accomplish.  Of course for our discussion we want to decrease anxiety, and cause our brain to get into a sleep mode.  In other words we we want to decrease brain activity.

Sleeping pills are designed to “knock you out” rather than fix your sleeping problem. Binaural beats recordings however, are entirely safe and totally natural.  It’s just like listening to music.

We want brainwaves to decrease, and so, if it comes close to bedtime and you still feel wide-awake and somewhat stressed from your day, you could listen to a recording in the Theta zone to lower your brainwave activity.

The way it works is like this.  Your brain hears two different tones.  One tone is in the right ear, and the second is in the left.  That is why you use headphones when listening to binaural beats.  The brain processes the differences in these two tones as a third tone, like a pulsating beat.  Sometimes I can almost feel my body pulsating to that beat.  Let me give an example here of what I mean.

Let’s say, for example, if we send a tone of 300 Hz to the left ear, and a tone of 305 Hz to the right ear.  Your brain will then process a binaural beat at 5 Hz.  By listening to that for a few minutes, the brain begins to process that into the theta state of deep relaxation which results in SLEEP!  The brain processes these different binaural frequencies in different ways.  No need to get into all the technical details at this point, but there are different frequencies that can also help the brain focus better, and achieve other desired results.  Technically the process is technically called ‘frequency following response’. These tones can be buried behind soothing music, ocean waves, or other sounds like that.

So by using binaural beats on a regular basis you can train the brain to become more relaxed, and go to sleep like it is supposed to. There are two modes of binaural beats that we would be concerned with for insomnia.  The first would be to get into a state of relaxation,  That state is a theta mode.  Then what I’ve been using to help me to sleep is a little more powerful for a deep sleep, and that’s called a delta mode.  It uses a slower binaural frequency.  Basically the slower the frequency the deeper the sleep, so hight frequencies can do just the opposite, the can cause a higher state of awareness.

Because this is such a simple solution, I was quite shocked at the results I got.  I want to provide a couple of options for you here.  First off, you can try a free version so you can try it out to see how it helps, and the second option, (the one that I use and highly recommend) is a program consisting of a series of ebooks dealing with how to condition your body for sleep, a diet book that will help your body sleep, and a series of four more complex binaural beats files than the free one.  I use the deep sleep one included in this package every night, and no longer suffer from insomnia.  It’s only $19, and to me it’s a no brainer after considering the money I’ve spent over the years on prescription drugs and even over the counter medicines that don’t work nearly as well.

To listen to the free file just click on the link below and you can listen to it on your computer.  You don’t have to be lying in bed, just listen WITH HEADPHONES before you go to bed.  You can also download it just by right clicking on the file. Here are the links.

Free Version

For the paid version… just click here, or on the graphic below.  It’s well worth it, I promise and it also carries a money back guarantee.

So if you’re ready to try something simple that can be more effective and more permanent than sleeping pills then this is definitely worth try a try.

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