This is what Insomnia is really like

Insomnia Video

Time for a little lighthearted look at what insomnia is really like.  Unfortunately too many of us can relate to this Insomnia video.

I’ve tried hard in this blog to provide many alternatives to help people suffering like the guy in this video….. we talk about symptoms, medicines, natural remedies etc.  I do this because I care, and having suffered just as this guy does, I want to help.

One of the BEST solutions for me cost only 19 bucks… it’s the Six Steps program to curing insomnia.  It did more for me than all the doctors and their high priced addictive medicines ever did…..

The program was put together by Peter Litchfield, a former suffer like me.  He’s gone on to become a sleep therapist due to his passion to help people suffering from insomnia.  The first part is a very well researched book dealing with insomnia, the cause and ways we can clear our minds and prepare our bodies for sleep.  Those basically are the six steps.  Next is another book which explains what binaural beats are, and why they work so well.  (That’s what helped me the most), and finally a series of 30 minute binaural beats recordings that you use just before heading off to bed.  It has helped me a LOT and I highly recommend it. There’s really nothing to lose as it carries a 60 day guarantee.  Just click on the image below to learn more, and sleep well TONIGHT!


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