Arthritis and Insomnia

Arthritis can certainly cause sleepless nights. Here are a few natural solutions.

Arthritis and Insomnia

If you are dealing with arthritis, quite often one of the side effects of arthritis is insomnia.  Arthritis and Insomnia go hand in hand.  This sleeping disorder prevents you from getting the rest that you need, which only compounds the problem with arthritis.  It’s a vicious cycle to say the least. There are many different solutions that you can do to help soothe your arthritis.

Arthritis and InsomniaFirst let’s look at a brief overview of what Insomnia is.  Insomnia manifests itself in a number of different ways.  First off, and most common is the lack ability to fall asleep.  Almost everyone will have this problem at one point or another in their life, but it becomes a serious issue when it continues for more than a few days..  Another common symptom is waking up frequently throughout the night.  As I mentioned above, a common side effect of arthritis can be Insomnia.

Arthritis and Insomnia is a horrible combination.  The pain from arthritis can keep you awake at night.  Also worrying about it can cause stress which is another common cause of insomnia. Sometimes too, Insomnia can be caused by the medicines that are prescribed to treat the insomnia.  Again, it’s a vicious cycle.  These medicines may help to reduce the pain but can also cause you stay up all night, but if you don’t take the medicine, you could be awake all night with pain.

So what can be done about Insomnia and Arthritis?

In the other articles on this blog I talk a lot about what steps you can take to solve insomnia itself, but here we need to consider some ways to solve BOTH problems.  If you’ve read any of the other articles in this blog, you know that I’m a big advocate of using natural remedies first.  Here are two natural solutions proven to help with arthritis pain AND insomnia.  Both are natural and cheap.  The first is one that I love to do, and that’s to take a long hot bath… preferably before going to bed.  In the bath I’ll pour some bath salts to help relax the joints and put me into a relaxed and comfortable state.

One of the best products I’ve found can be found on Amazon.  It is a specialized bath salt containing these ingredients.

  • Pure Epsom Salt For Arthritis With Certified Pure Essential Oils & Vitamin C Crystals
  • Frankincense Essential Oil Can Help Reduce Inflammation & Pain Associated With Arthritis
  • Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) Helps Detoxify The Body & Relieve Joint Pain
  • Frankincense Essential Oil Also Acts As An Analgesic Offering Relief From Arthritic Discomfort
  • Vitamin C Crystals Neutralize The Chlorine & Ammonia Lurking In Your Bathwater

Here is a review taken directly from the Amazon website regarding these bath salts.

“I would like to start this by letting you know I read all the reviews. I wanted to know the truth…. I especially loved the dog review! Anyway, after reading the reviews I thought I would try it. I bought the big bag…. I have never been one to do things half way. It came within a couple of days….that was the first surprise. Usually it takes a few days to receive anything. I waited a day before I tried it. I thought if I could even get half of the results others talked about in the reviews I would be happy. Second surprise, my home smelled like a candy cane factory. My grandkids loved how my house smelled! I took the bath with some trepidation because I am disabled and need help with numerous things. And I did this when no one was home. The bath way so relaxing that I had no problem staying in for the recommended twenty minutes. I used the lowest amount, a half a cup. Third surprise was I did feel better. I really did. I was skeptical and figured some of it was hype. Well, it didn’t cure me but I felt better than I had in a long time! Surprise four was it didn’t wear off within a couple of hours I felt pretty good for at least 24 hours. For me that is AWESOME! I was so excited when my son in law came the next day to take me to the store, I told him all about. I did the same thing at church. I feel like a commercial talking about it but when you live with the pain I have lived with for the past fifteen plus years and you find something that helps even a little, you want to tell the world! Thank you for this and God bless!”

Removing the Arthritis Pain might be all you need to once again gain the sleep you need and get relief from Arthritis and Insomnia.

Another excellent product that has excellent reviews on Amazon is this  Australian Dream Arthritis Relief Cream.  It also has excellent reviews on the Amazon page!  Here is just one of 13 from their site.  All of the reviews are 5 stars.

Australian Dream Arthritis Pain Relief Cream

“This product is a God-send! I have been suffering with muscular back pain for several weeks. My only relief was from taking 800 mg Ibuprofen tablets, which I hated doing. I was about to take another pill, but decided to check the mail first. My Australian Cream had arrived, so I used it instead. The relief was almost instantly! It’s been 4 hours now, and I feel great! No pain whatsoever. I’ve been dancing around my office and bending over with no problem. So far, I’m thrilled!”

In summary, there is HOPE!  Try natural solutions first for Arthritis and Insomnia, and if it’s your dangerous prescription medications that are keeping you awake, you might find that one of these natural solutions is the answer.  I love them both.

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