Natural Remedies for Insomnia

natural remedies for Insomnia

Natural remedies for  Insomnia

In this article we’ll explore the subject of natural remedies for insomnia or other sleep disorders.  We all know that Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that keeps us from getting a quality night’s sleep. Sometimes, insomnia might keep us awake many days. That’s not good for our health.  It leaves us feeling tired, wasted and weary. Our body needs it’s regular sleep in order to recharge.  it has to have quality sleep in order to perform at its best. So if you are suffering from insomnia and you have problems falling asleep at night, you need to find some form of insomnia treatment as fast as possible.  Before we an find the right insomnia treatment, we need to find out just what’s keeping you awake on those sleepless nights.

This child doesn't seem to be suffering from Insomnia
This child doesn’t seem to be suffering from Insomnia

Is It Something You’re Doing?

Sometimes, insomnia can be caused by things that a person is doing. Yes, you might be causing your very own insomnia.  Think about this… perhaps the reason you can’t sleep might be due to the fact that you’re eating certain foods.  It’s possible simply that you are drinking too much coffee. Caffeine from coffee alcohol or cigarettes and certain foods can keep you awake and unable to sleep.  In this case your solution to treating insomnia would simply be to eliminate these things from your diet. Sometimes it’s a matter of trial and error.  Eat different foods and see if that helps to relieve the insomnia.  (See my article on Alcohol and It’s Effects on Insomnia)

Another solution for treating Insomnia or other sleep disorders that can help a lot is to get plenty of exercise during the day.  It just stands to reason that the more energy you use up during the day, the less energy you’ll have at night. Your body will need to rest, and eventually it will fall asleep on it’s own.  But a word of warning don’t do it just before you go to bed.  Do it in the morning or at least three hours before bedtime.

Many times stress and other emotions can also cause insomnia.   Don’t forget that these are your own feelings and it’s up to you to relieve them. Sometimes that’s easier said than done.  If you’ve tried to change them as part of an insomnia treatment but you’re just not able to get rid of them, you can try some stress relief exercises.  I’m talking about things like Yoga, Tai Chi or even meditation and prayer. It might be as simple as just slowing down and taking a different outlook on life.  That can do great things  for your well being and your ability to sleep.

Is it time to see your doctor?

Don’t rule out your doctor.  Maybe if you’ve tried all of these natural remedies for insomnia and nothing seems to help at all, then it’s time to see your doctor.   See my article on this blog about Tests and Diagnosis for  Insomnia. There are many over the counter medicines that might help you fall asleep. However, try the above insomnia treatments first before the medicine. Also take a look at the website linked to from that blue graphic below.  It’s been proven to help many people get over their insomnia in a safe and natural way.  Don’t forget that usually you’re wide awake night after night because of something you’re doing.  Look at what you do in your daily life routine to find out what’s keeping you from that beautiful and restful sleep.